Dealership Opportunity

India's fastest growing motorcycle company is looking for ambitious dealers.

Designed in USA, Fab Regal Raptor are a unique blend of class-defining power and performance. After conquering the competition in over 39 countries worldwide, for the first time in India, Fabulous and Beyond Motors India now bring you the Fab Regal Raptor range of Cruisers, Choppers, Sports and Custom Motorcycles in India. So get ready for the adrenaline.
Dear Prospective Dealer, We appreciate your interest in Fab Regal Raptor Motorcycles Dealership, we wish to take things further on discussion so we request you to please fill the form below so that our team will get connected to you shortly.
1. In which City/Suburb do you plan to set up the Fab Regal Raptor Motorcycles Dealership? :
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11. How do you propose to set up the Company? (Please tick)
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13. Why are you interested in a particular city and a particular location that you mentioned above to open up dealership?
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17. Why are you interested in Fab Regal Raptor Motorcycles Dealership?
18. Have you been involved in any dealership business in the past? If yes, please provide details.
19. Have you been associated in any way with the automobile industry? If yes, please provide details.
20. Tell us something about your personality - your hobbies, definition of excitement & thrill, your people skills, zeal to meet new people, public speaking abilities etc.


1. I/We, declare that I/We do not have franchise of any other business directly, indirectly or through my/our relatives and associates similar to the one offered by Fab Regal Raptor Motorcycles.
2. I/We, hereby certify that I/We shall remain the applicants and if there is any change in the composition of applicants before signing of agreement or opening of franchise Outlet. I/We hereby agree to get the new applicants as well as the new form of organization approved by Fab Regal Raptor Motorcycles. We agree to the rejection of this application if the changes are not approved by Fab Regal Raptor Motorcycles.
3. I/We certify that all the information in this application form and on any attachments there to is true and accurately represents my/our current and continuing financial conditions. I/We understand that any misrepresentation in this statement may result in rejection of this application.